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Trio of tall glass vases containing a succulent in each, layered garden with black pebbles.This set ..


Small glass jam jar containing one succulent, layered design with shades on grey pebbles...


Freestanding glass mini garden containing one succulent, layered design with shades of white pebbles..


Mini tilly (air plant) sea urchin!Beautiful desk friend or lil gift :)..


Freestanding glass vase containing large succulent, layered garden with shades of white pebbles..


Medium jam jar containing one succulent in layered garden with your choice of coloured pebbles (whit..



Hi there :)

My name is Cass and I'm officially addicted to mini succulent gardens and Tillies (air plants)!

Even though I was raised by the most "gardeny" parents, I've always considered myself a black thumb rather than a green thumb, can you relate? However, after weeks of hitting the stores I just wasn't able to find the living piece of artwork I'd pictured in my head for our new alfresco dining table. This left me no choice but to dust off the gardening gloves (scary in itself) and get creating!

This sparked a passion for plants I never thought existed. 

Many late nights of research later, I learnt so much about how succulents and air plants (tillandsias / tillies) are pretty much impossible to kill…  Sign me up I say!

What started as a need to fill a gap in the market for my own living piece of artwork, soon turned into a passion to create and share the beauty of these amazingly low maintenance yet beautiful plants with fellow black thumbs! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey of expression and creativity.

- Cass